Duluth Telephone Directory
Proctor, Cotton, Alborn and Kelsey
June 1949
Proctor Exchange


F. J. SCHLENDER, Manager, 217-2nd St.

H. L. PEAKER, District Manager, 322 W. First Street, Duluth 2, Minn.

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    Bell Robert G 629-3rd Proctor 87 Brendengen Henry r 321-5th Proctor 414W


  Bell Tel Co See N W Bell Tel Co Proctor 590 Brenna Marvin O r 823-5th Proctor 212W
Aase Peter J r   Bell Thos H r 111-2nd Proctor 202 Brett Leo r Midway pk addn Proctor 269J
...................RFD No 5 Box 99 W Duluth Proctor 462J3.......... Bemel Geo r 102-5th Proctor 266 Brooks Hans r  
ADOLPH STORE groc Adolph Proctor 469R1 Benedictine Sisters r 206-3rd Proctor 211 ..............RFD No 5 Box 25 W Duluth Proctor 466R3
Adolph Tire Store Adolph Proctor 469J4 Benjaminson R M r 208-7th Proctor 534 Brooks Henry r  
Ahlgren Stanley A Adolph Proctor 459J4 Bennett R E r 105-4th Proctor 433 ..............RFD No 5 Box 25 W Duluth Proctor 466J3
Albert Joseph r 123-4th Proctor 250J Bennett Theresa Beauty Parlor   Brown R E r 207-4th Proctor 380J
Alden M A r 842-3rd Proctor 210 ................................................216-3rd av...................... Proctor 392 Brule F X r 9219 Meadow Proctor 316
Allen Clyde L r 101-2nd Proctor 353 Bennewise Glenn C r 615-3rd av Proctor 408W.......... Bruley Alyce r 9117 Lawn Proctor 217R
Am Legion Club 3-6th Proctor 494 Bentz Edward F r 145-2nd Proctor 626W Brunnelle S L r 8503 Vinland Proctor 270J
Anderson A H r 718-2nd Proctor 510 Bergal Harry r 619-4th Proctor 560J Brunnette Albert r 119 Grove Proctor 325J
Anderson Albert G r 820-3rd av Proctor 432W Bergman E H r Box 841 Proctor 104 Bugalski Frank r 712-5th Proctor 191W
Anderson Alfred J r   Berlin Fred Jr r 321-5th Proctor 414J Buirge A A r 602-1st Proctor 579
........................Ugstad rd Midway pk addn...... Proctor 102 Berlin Leo r 2312 Boundary av Proctor 577J Buirge Louis F r 110-6th Proctor 181
Anderson Rev Arthur L r 623-3rd Proctor 282 Bernard Milford J r 725-3rd Proctor 195J Burke Francis r 39-3rd Proctor 586J
Anderson Axel L r 117-4th Proctor 406 Beron Ray r 803-2nd Proctor 549 BUSY CORNER GROC 424-2nd av Proctor 88
Anderson Carl F r 77th av & Ash Proctor 389J Beron Ray A Jr r Boundary av Proctor 468J3    
Anderson Clarence r RFD No 5 Box 69 Proctor 460J4 Berrisford Mrs Anna r 9117 Vinland Proctor 531J    
Anderson D O r 216-3rd av Proctor 656J Bethune Geo L r Midway pk addn Proctor 95    
Anderson E A r 1 Oak Proctor 66 Bethune P A r 217-6th av Proctor 43


Anderson Edwin H r 730-5th Proctor 576W Bijold Clarence H r 612-3rd Proctor 372W    
Anderson Elton J r 3308 N 87th av W Proctor 456J1 Bijold Eugene J r 118-5th Proctor 83J Call Jas E r 201-2nd Proctor 183J
Anderson Frances r   Bijold Mrs Mary Ann r 824-6th Proctor 212J Capin Jos r 624-5th Proctor 371J
.................RFD No 5 Box 96 W Duluth Proctor 462R2 Bijold W J r 617-3rd Proctor 350J CARLS MARKET 320-2nd av Proctor 52
Anderson Geo A r 829 Railroad av Proctor 275 BILLS JWLRY SHOP 316-3rd av Proctor 99 Carls Wm E r Adolph Proctor 469R3
Anderson Geo L r 22-3rd Proctor 544J Birch D C r 117-5th Proctor 121 Carlson Carl E r  
Anderson Gust B r Hgwy No 2 Proctor 362J Bird F S 722-3rd Proctor 515 ............RFD No 5 Box 64-C W Duluth Proctor 452R4
Anderson H R r 715-5th Proctor 621R Bjorlin Carl W r Adolph Proctor 471R2 Carlson Ernest A r 111 Oak Proctor 279W
Anderson Ivor F r 207-6th av Proctor 117 Bjornaas O E r 48-1st Proctor 23W Carlson Fritz r  
Anderson John A r 9247 Brook Proctor 139W Blackburn James H r 32-6th Proctor 179J ............RFD No 5 Box 63 1/2 W Duluth Proctor 454R2
Anderson John H r 8527 Vinland Proctor 185W Blesener Donald J r 714-2nd Proctor 631J Carlson John R r 207-5th Proctor 603J
Anderson Lewis T r 151-1st Proctor 265 Blikstad Rev B J r 231-7th Proctor 120 Carlson Melvin P r Maple Grove Proctor 464J3
Anderson Melvin r 827-2nd Proctor 334 Bloomstrom Alvin E r 43-1st Proctor 245W Carlson Roy r 137-2nd Proctor 626J
Anderson O K r 8-4th Proctor 291W BOARD OF EDUCATION   Carlson Russell L r 522-2nd Proctor 272W
Anderson Robt V r Maple Grove Proctor 596R .......Supt Proctor High School 3rd & 1st av Proctor 437 Carlson Mrs Selma r  
Anderson Wm J r 105-2nd Proctor 153J .......Principal F E Spencer 3rd & 1st av Proctor 190 ............RFD No 5 Box 112-A W Duluth Proctor 462J4
Angell Harry r 3010-85th av W Proctor 260W .......Agriculture Dept 3rd & 1st av Proctor 439J Carpenter Bessie r 12-2nd Proctor 264J
Antonsen Axel r Midway pk addn Proctor 144W .......Music Dept 3rd & 1st av Proctor 439W Carr r M r 25-5th Proctor 172
Arteel Arthur E r 619-2nd Proctor 154J .......Bay View Heights School 8708 Vinland Proctor 103 Case Chas B 10-1st Proctor 650
Asher Leslie r 110-2nd Proctor 76 .......School Garage 2nd & 9th av Proctor 171 Casey C P r 9246 Vinland Proctor 288
Auge Edward r 9101 Lawn Proctor 217W .......West Side School 2nd & 9th av Proctor 438 Casey Ernest r Lindahl rd Proctor 462J6
Auge Mrs Richard r 109-1st Proctor 582J Bocklund Ole r   Cashin Patrick J r 9231 Lawn Proctor 111
Austin Chas W Jr r 142-4th Proctor 519 .........RFD No 5 Box 112-B W Duluth Proctor 463J2 Catana Mrs Amelia r 809-4th Proctor 576R
Austin C W r 25-4th Proctor 262 Bodell Robt F r Ugstad rd Proctor 453R3 Cederlund Roy r 38-2nd Proctor 259W
AUSTIN C W CO INC 200-4th Proctor 51 Bohlin Marian Healy r 9132 Vinland Proctor 323W Chambers G J r 710-1st Proctor 214W
Averson Lee H r 717-3rd Proctor 215 Bohlin Morris O r 143-3rd Proctor 570J Chapman Henry r 803-3rd Proctor 643W
Ayer Albert F 119-4th Proctor 90J Bolin Olaf r Midway pk addn Proctor 252J Charf Roger r  
    Bomier T F r 804-4th Proctor 173J ............RFD No 5 Box 62-A W Duluth Proctor 455J4
    Bong Erick H T r 9131 Brook Proctor 404W Chrisman Jas T r 842-6th Proctor 221J


  Bosman W J r 9239 Park pl Proctor 332 Christensen Pete r 8728 Vinland Proctor 314
    Bosmans Frank r 106-6th Proctor 277W Christensen Vernon M r 708-2nd av Proctor 299J
Bailey Vern r Morris Thomas rd Proctor 474R3 Boundary Av Groc S Boundary Proctor 499 Christenson Albert r 613-3rd av Proctor 238J
Bailey W F r 45-1st Proctor 585J Bourasa Bernard F r North Cloquet rd Proctor 460J5 Christenson Martin r  
Baker D W r 418 Midway av Midway pk Proctor 364J Bowerman Betty r 535-2nd Proctor 222W ............RFD No 5 Box 33 W Duluth Proctor 455J1
Bakken Ancher r 104 Grove Proctor 244R Bracke C G r 527-1st Proctor 310J Christianson Lila M r 148-6th Proctor 533
Bakken Finn r 44-2nd Proctor 585W Bradford Robt G r 9245 Vinland Proctor 532W Clapper Karl r 9221 Brook Proctor 445
Bakken Olaf r 217-6th Proctor 236W Brassard J N r 808-3rd Proctor 615W Clark W A r Midway pk addn Proctor 146W
Bakken Otto r 835-2nd Proctor 654W Brassard Louis r 727-5th Proctor 621W Claussen Allen r 120-3rd Proctor 113J
Barber Charles H r   Bratton C E r 15-6th Proctor 175 Clawson R H r 9214 Brook Proctor 292W
............RFD No 5 Box 24A W Duluth Proctor 455J5 Braun Leo K r 114-6th Proctor 177 Cleary M J r 41-4th Proctor 63
Barby Cecil C r 989 Hgwy No 2 Proctor 470R4 Braun Raymond J r S Boundary Proctor 468J2 Clemans A H r 714-4th Proctor 276
Barnes Mrs Leona E r 214-5th Proctor 163J Brause Carl r 112 Oak Proctor 244J Clement C A r 11-6th Proctor 68
Barnes Stanley O r 28-5th Proctor 397 Brause Raymond A r 857 Railroad av Proctor 315W Clement Chas J r 20-3rd ave Proctor 538W
Barquist A B r 11-2nd Proctor 306W Brayden Harry M r 101-3rd Proctor 317J Clough Dexter M r 48-6th Proctor 561W
Barquist Stanley r 208-5th Proctor 209W Brayden John A r 149-2nd Proctor 355W Coffey Cleophus r 845 Railroad av Proctor 390J
Bartz Mrs L r 121-2nd Proctor 186 Brayden Kenneth r 121 Oak Proctor 557 Colomb Israel J r  
Baske Mrs August r 846-2nd Proctor 328J Brayden Mrs Mary E r 42-4th Proctor 180 ............RFD No 5 Box 41 W Duluth Proctor 457J1
Bauman Carl r   Brayden M D r 122-4th Proctor 430 Conito F B r 9241 Meadow Proctor 623W
............RFD No 5 Box 110 W Duluth Proctor462R4 Brayden W A r 140-6th Proctor 207 Conklin E r 5-4th Proctor 304
Beatty Herbert r 118 Oak Proctor 447W Breemeersch Emil r 532-1st Proctor 347J Cook Walter r 535-2nd Proctor 367J
Beldin E C r 101-1st Proctor 162 Breemeersch Maurice r 127 Oak Proctor 192W Cornelison Herbert R r  
Bell Chas r 87th av Proctor 204W Breemeersch Sylvere C r 9237 Vinland Proctor 532J ............RFD No 5 Box 119-C W Duluth Proctor 468R3
Bell Refrigeration & Appliance Serv   Breigenzer N J r 9230 Brook Proctor 503W Cosgrove Paul R r  
...................................629-3rd 87 Breimon Carl N r Stark rd Proctor 465J5 ............416 Summit av Midway pk Proctor 368R
        Coughlan R E r 6242 Brook Proctor 139J