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Historical Maps ~ Perry Castañeda
Historical Maps ~ Quadrangles
Surveyor's Base Maps
Historic Map Words ~ Genealogical
University of Minnesota ~ Maps
Bureau of Land Management
Minnesota Mining Maps
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Polish Names in MN State Census Records

Abstracted by Ray Marshall
1870 > 1875 ~ 1880 ~ 1885


Duluth 1949 Telephone Book
Miscellaneous Polish Resources


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31 July 2019
Naturalization Indexes

The following index is to be used as a guide only. You must write or visit the US District Court in Duluth MN to obtain the accession number that is needed to obtain a copy of the actual naturalization documents housed in Chicago, IL.

The US District Court does not have the naturalization records available for the following index.

US District Court
417 Federal Bldg 515 W. 1st Street, Duluth, MN 55802
Contact the court for Costs
Please include all the information listed in the index about your ancestor,  this will make searching faster.

The Indexes can be found here. FS: Naturalization Index

Churches, Lodges & Schools

There was some interesting Church pages found in the old St Louis Web Files.
They have been combined and can he found here. 
Miscellaneous Lodge Information

School Indexes
An eclectic assortment
Denfield Highschool:
Classes 1922 > 1979
Duluth Highschool
1897 > 1949
State Teachers College
1938 > 1941
The other portion of School Indexes were combined and converted to a pdf. has State Normal School Records

"Cyber Gleanings"

The above link will take you to a site that is updated regularly.
Some of the data includes:
Coroner's Reports
Military Records: S A R & D A R, Disabled Veteran's Homes, Army Cem's.
Prison Records / Passenger Lists
RailRoad Employment Records

Vital Records of all types

All have a connection to Minnesota: Look for 'MN' in the file name.
New Data is added on a regular basis

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