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Table of Contents
History ~ Biographies ~ Maps ~ 'What's New' ~ Lookups
Vital Records ~ Obituaries ~ Cemeteries
Military ~ FS Historical Images ~ Naturalization ~ Crime and Punishment ~ Odds

Military ~ FS Historical Images ~ Naturalization ~ Crime and Punishment ~ Odds

Military Records
One Minnesota Revolutionary War Hero:
Stephen Taylor
War of 1812 Pensioners in Minnesota, 1883
Minnesota in the Civil War
Reports of Civil War [Union Army] Generals
Military data gleaned: Old St Louis Files ~ Military Museum


MINNESOTA 1st Cavalry [Mounted Rangers] 2nd Cavalry Col. Brackett's Battalion,
Cavalry Hatch's Independent Battalion, Cavalry 1st Heavy Artillery 1st-3rd Independent Battery,
Light Artillery 1st-3rd Infantry (NARA Series M594, Roll 90) [LDS Film 1488542]
Log In, Search, Catalog, Enter Film # in Fiche/Film Slot

"What's New"
Civil War Veteran Burial Listings
Vol X
Sherman Lee Pompey
Covering Men In Regiments From Minnesota

"Alphabetical Index To Places of Interment Of Deceased Union Soldiers
in the Various States & Territories"

As Specified in Rolls of Honor, Nos I - XIII
Being those issued from the Quartermaster General's Office
Between June 15 1865 and August 27 1867
Washington: Government Printing Office, 1868

Union Soldiers Buried at Andersonville, 1866
Here is the list for Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin
Here is the List for Army Burials ~ Here is the List for Navy Burials

Military Forts in Minnesota
Military Land Warrants in MN 1854-1863
Military & Minnesota Territory


Naturalization Indexes

The following indexes are to be used as a guide only. You must write or visit the US District Court in Duluth MN to obtain the accession number that is needed to obtain a copy of the actual naturalization documents housed in Chicago, IL. The US District Court does not have the naturalization records available for the following index.

US District Court

417 Federal Bldg 515 W. 1st Street, Duluth, MN 55802
Contact the court for Costs
Please include all the information listed in the index about your ancestor,
this will make searching faster.
The Iron Range Research Center has an index which can be found here
Family Search Naturalization Index

See the Section below,
There are a lot of Naturalization Records in the Historical Images

Family Search: Historical Images

The following will help you get a handle on information that could be of value to your search for Family data.
This Chart will be a decent guide.
To access the Historical Images, log into your FS Account: Click on Search,
then at the top of the page: Historical Images:
You can begin with the search, but if you get lost or cannot figure it all out, use the linked chart and plug in the DGS Film number of interest from the Chart in the 'Fiche-Film' slot.

Types of Records:

Biographies, History, Naturalization, Military, Obituaries, Vital Records

Most of the Digital Films have indexes.
If there is no index, investigate to determine if the records were filmed in Chronological Order as many times they are.

Naturalization Records: "Old St Louis Files"
Index ~ Notes
According to the old file, the District Court does not have the files.
I cannot find these files anywhere. Supposedly they are available in the Duluth Public Library.

Odds & Ends
"Crime & Punishment"

Minnesota Public Criminal History ~ Search

Prison Records: Family Search Films - Please use this link for a Chart with film Numbers
Prison Records can be found in the FS Catalog, but they take a bit of tweaking to
find them.

The List Below has the Film Numbers and Description
Here is the link to the Index Images and Image Ranges I created from the films

Family Search: More Filmed Records
LDS Films: 956170 Records of Yuma territorial prison, 1884-1910 [Search]
978903: San Quentin Records
Records of the Dead in Federal Prisons - Index
978907: Folsom Prison

Family Search: Prison Record Databases: Chart with Database Names and Dates

Miscellaneous [Tim Stowell]
Duluth Public Library [Biography File] ~ Genealogy Trails
Polish Names in the 1875, 1885 Minnesota State Census, and more
Duluth 1949 Telephone Book:

Links to each page are on the web page

Minnesota was home to many people from foreign lands.
The Polish Links Page is updated. Miscellaneous Polish Resources

Churches & Church Records, Lodges & Schools

There was some interesting Church pages found in the
old St Louis Web Files.
They have been combined and can he found here.

Minnesota Church Records:
Family Search has an impressive collection of Church Records
in their Catalog: A Search produces this List

Swedish Mission Church 1899 - Duluth, MN
Choir Member Photos

Records & Links Below: Old St Louis County Files
Miscellaneous Lodge Information

School Indexes ~ An eclectic assortment
The School Files have been reformatted to searchable pdf's
Denfield Highschool: Classes 1922 - 1979
Duluth Highschool: 1897 - 1949
State Teachers College: 1938 - 1941
Gilbert Highschool: 1936
The other portion of School Indexes were combined and converted to a pdf. has State Normal School Records [Link for Duluth Schools]
The above are interesting and include students.


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